About Me



My name is Roman. I am software engineer and I have started my personal website for having a chance to share some of my professional experience and thoughts about software engineering. I like high quality solutions, so my credo - “Done, when done well” - can describe me the best way. I like to make things work smart and comprehensive way, at the same time keeping certain level of simplicity, clarity and structuring. Once I have found that my strength area is to make complex things to be simpler - and now I keep moving that way. I hope that you will find information on my website useful and interesting.

My Experience

  • I am software engineer with 13+ years of commercial experience.
  • I specialise on engineering of web backend applications and reusable software - libraries and frameworks.
  • I lead small non-profitable organisation that specialises on engineering of reusable open-source software (libraries and frameworks) for Python - ETS Labs.
  • I use Python as main programming language. My secondary programming languages are Cython, C and JavaScript. I have some experience in PHP - I used it in the beginning of my software engineering career.
  • I have experience of technical leading 5 small software engineering cross-functional teams (< 10 people) for large commercial product companies.
  • I work as technical interviewer and knowledge evaluator for large Ukrainian IT outsourcing company. I have conducted more than 220 of technical interviews for software engineers according to corporate knowledge model and standards.
  • I read fundamental books about software engineering written by Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Steve McConnell, Robert C. Martin and other experienced software engineers.

My Way

I’ve been fond of software engineering from my school years. I played a lot with Pascal, C, and C++ that times. First programming language that I have learnt well enough was JavaScript. This gave me enough knowledge for development of small web browser turn-based game where you fight against very primitive computer opponent. It was lovely times and I was so happy with making all these animations on previously static web page. Later I found that you can not create server using JavaScript (there was no NodeJS that times) and it was very disappointing. Funny thing there is that I learnt term “server” by having a very practical purpose of adding a multiplayer for my small JavaScript game.

In 2005 I’ve attended university. It was local technical university, faculty of electronics and computers. In parallel, I found part-time job in not so big local company that designed and manufactured electronic security devices for Ukrainian and Russian auto industry. This job was a very good practice of what I was studying in university - I had a chance get production practice with soldering iron, oscilographs, a lot of specific electronic components, microcontrollers like PIC and so on.

In 2007 I have earned my first $50 as software developer. By the way, I earned my first money as a software developer using JavaScript. I found this experience interesting and start cooperate with small local software engineering companies on part-time basis.

In 2010 I have successfully graduated from university with a degree “engineer of electronics”. By that time I have already had few years of experience in software engineering, so I decided to continue my career as software engineer.

Nowadays I keep working as a software engineer, love my work and feel absolutely sure that I did a right choice.

My Contacts

The best way to reach me is to write me an email. My email address is rmogilatov@gmail.com.